Spring Packages

Please note: Prices based on turf area, minimum. 2500 sq. ft. up to 5500 sq. ft. • All prices subject to GST.

Services Included Super Green Deluxe Basic A Basic B
Deep Core Aeration
Power Rake
Power Vacuum
Lawn Cut and Trim
Power Edge (up to 125 ft.)Add $30Add $30Add $30
Cost$275 - $425$210 - $325$185 - $285$185 - $285

Additional Services

Prices based on turf area up to specified amount.

Services 3000 sq. ft. 4000 sq. ft. 5000 sq. ft.
Fertilization (per application)$46$55$60
Top DressingEstimate required.Estimate required.Estimate required.
Rough CuttingEstimate required.Estimate required.Estimate required.